What Is A Good Return On Investment?
When talking about whether an investment’s return is good or not, the operative word is risk. Riskier investments have to earn a better return to justify their risk. That’s why savings accounts pay 1% or less in interest each year while other investments can return ten times that much or more. But novice investors often make… (0 comment)

Investor learning
I look at how investor learning affects firms’ voluntary disclosure decisions. By voluntary disclosure decision, I mean management annual earnings forecast decisions. What are the forces that shape management earnings forecast decisions?… (0 comment)

Bitcoin – The New Hedging Tool
There are unconfirmed news that a large number of fund managers are planning to launch hedge funds with crypto currencies. Though traditional hedge funds managers have kept them away from crypto space, many risk taking new generation fund managers have been making heavy profits for their clients due to surge in Bitcoin price. This is evident from the fact that average hedge funds returns was just 3.5% last year compared to the 180% gain of Bitcoin hedge funds.… (0 comment)