Untold Mutual Fund Fees: Investors Are Unaware of This Shocking Fact
Investors unknowingly define mutual fund fees with a four-letter word and a number, both of which are incorrect! The word is “only,” and the number is often “1%.” Whenever we see investors discussing mutual fund fees often the statement like, ‘it’s only 1%’ is heard. Most of the investors have this feeling that how this small 1% fee will make a difference in their returns. But, the fact is that they are unaware of the truth. … (0 comment)

​​Understanding all about debt mutual funds
Indians’ penchant for debt investment is quite well known. About 59%* of financial savings is parked in bank fixed deposits (FDs). But take a look at the investment universe. It is huge and flooded with other debt instruments which can be used to generate returns. In this article, let’s take a look at debt mutual funds. *Data for FY14; source: RBI … (0 comment)

What are New fund offers (NFOs)
NFO is the maiden subscription offer of a scheme to the public by a Mutual Fund (MF) . A new NFO scheme (open-ended fund) is launched by an AMC once it is able to create a product different from the existing ones. For instance, in equity, a fund house with large cap, small & mid-cap funds, may launch a diversified scheme for investors to benefit across market capitalisation of stocks. … (0 comment)