5 Important Tips Before Buying Senior Citizen Health Insurance

5 Important Tips Before Buying Senior Citizen Health Insurance
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Who is called a Senior citizen? 

According to the law, a “senior citizen” means any person being a citizen of India, who has attained the age of sixty years or above. Status in India.Lets find out 5 Important Tips Before Buying Senior Citizen Health Insurance.

On the occasion that you need medical treatment, it must be a calming, nurturing incident, without any concerns about affordability. Having health insurance makes that feasible.

Following a life devoted to a career or caring for the family, during one’s golden years, they deserve to be indulged.Life ought to be all about pursuing a more comfortable daily routine with enjoyable hobbies and rejuvenating vacations from time to time.

It has been normally seen that most Indians in their younger years, tend to oversee the importance of taking a health insurance policy of their own. This is primarily due to two reasons: firstly because they feel it would not be required since they are healthy and secondly, those who are working professionals find coverage offered by their employers sufficient.

This results in a situation where in their golden years or post retirement, when the need of health insurance is the most, they don’t have a cover.

Keeping this in mind, a lot of insurance companies offer health insurance plans specifically designed for senior citizens. Enrolment for such plans is usually allowed at least till 65 years; however some insurers put no restriction on entry age thereby making it easy for senior citizens to access quality healthcare.

Making the right choice

With almost every company in the health insurance industry offering a policy for senior citizens, it can be a daunting task to narrow down on one. Here are five factors that one must pay attention to while purchasing a mediclaim policy for senior citizens:

1.Coverage @ Senior Citizen Health Insurance 

Ideally, thehigher the coverage you opt for, the better. However, there is a direct correlation between the premium that you have to pay and the coverage that you receive.

Some companies will offer to cover more than the basic hospitalisation and pre- and post-hospitalisation expenses. They offer you a consumable allowance, allowance for a companion, domiciliary hospitalisation, dialysis cover and other add-ons.

So, ensure that you get the best value for your money. Furthermore, some insurance companies  provide offer coverage till Rs 10 lakh.

  1. Flexibility @ Senior Citizen Health Insurance 

Some policies allow you to recharge the sum insured — up to 100 per cent of the original SI — if the amount gets exhausted.

Additionally, some companies allow you to purchase a policy for tenure of one to three years and offer discounts for choosing a longer tenure.

Look for such options that build useful flexibility into your plan.

  1. Co-payments @ Senior Citizen Health Insurance 

Senior Citizen health insurance policies usually have a co-payment clause. This means that the insured has to bare a portion of the claim amount (as specified in the policy). Look for a policy that gives you the best deal in this regard.

  1. Maximum age to renew @ Senior Citizen Health Insurance 

Every insurer specifies a different maximum age till when they can stay enrolled in their plans. However, there are some companies that do not put any restriction on this, that is, once enrolled the insured can stay covered throughout lifetime. All they have to do is renew their policies timely.

  1. Pre-existing illnesses and waiting periods @ Senior Citizen Health Insurance 

This may be the most important factor to consider since most companies have a waiting period before they cover pre-existing illnesses and some do not cover them at all.


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